McAuley Catholic College Tumut prides itself on its open and friendly communication, which it fosters with its parents, parish and wider community. Communication is integral to people feeling valued and appreciated and therefore is a major priority for staff.

Communication Opportunities


Parents can request interviews at any time when concerned about their child.

Confirmation Information Evenings

Term 2

College Newsletter

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Eucharist Information Evenings

Term 1

Reconciliation Information Evenings

Term 1

Primary Semester Reports K-6

End Term 2 & 4

Secondary Semester Reports 7-10

End Term 2 & 4

Year 11 Academic Reporting

Term 1 - Week 10, Term 2 - Week 7,

Term 4 - Week 2

Year 12 Academic Reporting

Term 2 - Week 2

Term 3 - Week 10

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Updated regularly

Acknowledgment of Communication

From time to time staff may contact parents about a particular matter concerning their child. This communication is helpful in keeping parents informed concerning their child’s progress and behaviour at College.
Some communication may require the need for the parent to acknowledge having received the information (e.g. a phone call or a signed letter/email). This is most important as the partnership between the College and family is the foundation for a child’s success at school.